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360 Degree Feedback Examples

A 360 degree feedback is a performance review process in which employees receive feedback from their colleagues and managers around them, as well as, a self assessments. 360 degree feedback allows employees to gain a more thorough understanding of the impact they are having on the people around them.  A 360 degree feedback review helps an employee because you get a get a different perspective from each person. Employees tend to judge others based on their own experiences and expectations.

360 feedback  gives employees and managers a combined perspective of teamwork, communication, leadership and management skills of an employee. Employees and managers are asked to comment and rate an employee’s professional skills and team impact. The goal is for employees and managers to provide feedback to help the employee improve and focus on their professional development. The combined perspective gives a balanced perspective and creates a clear picture for the employee about their behavior, impact and skills. a 360 review also combines the self assessment feedback, which gives an employee good insight into which areas their strengths lie and where they need to improve.  


A 360 degree review help employees by developing their professional and interpersonal skills. In particular, this performance management process focuses on three key pieces of feedback:

  1. Identifying a starting point for development of new skills.
  2. Measuring progress as the subject works on skills over time.
  3. Identifying the personal blind spots of behavior and the impact that everyone has but never notices.