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Appraisal Feedback Examples

A vital part of appraisals is choosing the right words to get the maximum impact. As a manager, you are give the task of shaping and moulding your delegates underneath you. That means that there is a direct correlation between the way in which you conduct yourself in performance reviews and way an individual develops his or her professional skills and competencies. Offering feedback that is valuable and encourage growth, is vital to both the growth of the employee, and the company.

Writing appraisals are an important component to the performance evaluation process. The main goal should be to give employees feedback on what they are doing right and what needs improvement. This will encourage growth and development as frequent, informal conversations with employees will help managers by ensuring everyone is staying on the right track and to address issues quickly and accurately.

Appraisal feedback example terms:

Instead of saying:

good or excellent

use words such as:









These words are more actionable and allow employees to really understand where they are achieving goals and where they need to improve.

Remember certain words may also be better suited to certain skills than others, for example:

Quality and quantity of work: Accuracy, thoroughness, productivity and achieving goals

Communication and interpersonal skills: teamwork, cooperation, listening, persuasion and empathy.

Creative thinking: Receptiveness, problem solving and originality

Attitude: dedication, loyalty, reliability, flexibility, initiative, energy.

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