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Employee Evaluation Examples

Mastering the language needed for effective performance evaluations can be a difficult undertaking. Managers may keep a close watch of the performance of each and every one of their employees, praising their achievements and taking note of their shortcomings. But, when the time comes to conduct the annual performance review, often managers are at a loss for words. It can be frustrating not being able to translating what has been observed into something tangible.

Below are some examples of how managers can observe their employees and transform what they have observed into something that is beneficial or useful.  


Feedback that occurs on a regular occasion is more beneficial to the manager and the employee. Often managers are busy with other work functions to worry about employee reviews and when the annual performance review comes around, the manager is at a loss for words. Instead of making feedback an annual event, make it a continuous event. Try schedule 1 on 1s with employees on a bi weekly basis. Regular check ins allow managers to understand the needs and concerns of their employees, and they are able to resolve issues before they hamper the overall workflow of the company.


To make it easier to remember employees performances, take notes and put the notes in your calendar so as to remind you when you next have your one on one with them. Try be selective and balance the strengths with the weaknesses. Give specific examples with how the employee performed and how they could have improved.


Goal setting is an important component of employee motivation. setting and achieving goals keep employee looking forward to new accomplishments and rewards, pushing their performances to new heights. the best goals include each of four vital components. Great employee goals are specific, measurable, attainable realistic and time bound. By researching a few examples of great employee goals can help you to craft goals to assist employees achieve objectives for the company as a whole.