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Employee Review Comments Examples

When conducting Employee reviews, the best comments aren't necessarily the most positive ones. This is an ideal time to identify areas in which an employee needs improvement. When noting things that an employee needs to work on, the language must be appropriate and concrete. Performance reviews are necessary to improve the overall performance of the company.

Employee reviews have great significance to effective management strategies. This is the process that provides both the manager and the employee the chance to determine the shared goals that relate to the overall goals of the company. Performance reviews are carried out by those who oversee the performance of other people - work/team leaders. supervisors. managers, directors or department heads.

Writing a performance review can be difficult, as managers are continuously busy with other work functions to objectively give feedback to their employees. However, this process is one of the most important elements of managing a team because they help managers continuously shape the growth and the improvement of individual employees, and therefore, the entire team.


An effective performance review are the result of open conversations between the manager and the employee, that use examples to illustrate points, describing how the employee went about his or her job duties.


A performance review should be thorough and comprehensive, but not overly cumbersome to write or for the employee to read. It’s important to take the systematic approach to performance reviews. Document every employee task and describe how the employee went about completing the task. Provide constructive guidance on how the employee can improve. Write a genuine and deliberate praise of the individual and his or her accomplishments throughout the year. With very limited exception, every employee must have some sort of positive commentary that can be said about them. Even if it’s some of the poorest performers, they must have some success managers can highlight.

Discuss and Identify goals that were achieved or exceeded. A specific evaluation of every goal and measure is typically not necessary, however managers should write down notable accomplishments and talk through other during one on one conversations.

Once the manager has highlighted the successes, they should then identify some of the employee’s goals and objectives that were missed. Offer fair and appropriate written commentary if they missed objectives were acceptable based on unique circumstances, business challenges, or alternative priorities.