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Examples of Employee Review

Employee reviews area an opportunity for a manager to review the performance of employees over a certain time period. Managers collate as much information as possible from an employee's previous performance to determine how well the employee met his/her objectives. Employee review are a good way to look objectively at the business performance as a whole and gives a good bird's eye view of the health of the work environment.

Here are some tips and techniques to giving feedback that is useful, constructive and actionable.

Be as specific as possible

Instead of giving your employees vague feedback, like you’re doing a great job, give them specifics. Give them an example and give feedback that is actionable and beneficial.  Be as specific about what you like and didn't like in their performance over the review period.

Be honest

There is nothing worse than an employee who feels they have been laid off for no reason, or worse, continuing to underperform. It's not beneficial to companies when managers fail to give honest open feedback. Remember nobody is perfect, so its impossible for people to always have outstanding performance reviews.

Judge on the overview, and not the recency.

Managers tend to overly focus on the most recent events. This skews the performance review as managers base the entire review on specific recent actions. As mentioned before, it's imperative that reviews are based on the overall performance of the employee. Try understand the employee more holistically.