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Examples of Performance Appraisal

Employee performance appraisals are core to professional growth. Feedback helps employees get better at what they do. If the feedback is useful, employees will crave it more. Feedback can be incredibly complex, as managers need to tread lightly without making any personal remarks. There are many forms of performance appraisals, such as 360 degree reviews and annual performance reviews. Determining which is ideal to the company comes down to the company culture and management structure.

What is a 360 degree review

A 360 degree review is a professional feedback opportunity that enables groups of coworkers to provide feedback on an employee’s performance. Coworkers who participate in the 360 review usually include the manager, several peers, and reporting staff. Hence the name of the feedback opportunity comes from the fact that performance feedback is solicited from all directions in the organisation. The 360 degree focuses more directly on the skills and contributions that an employee makes. The purpose of the feedback is to provide a balanced view to an employee of how others view his or her contribution and performance areas such as leadership, teamwork, interpersonal communication, management, contribution, work habits, interpersonal interaction, accountability, and vision.

What is the performance appraisal


The 360 review differs from an employee appraisal which traditionally provides the employee with the opinion of his or her performance as viewed by the manager. These employee appraisals focus on the progress the employee achieved on job goals. Documenting performance provides a basis for employee growth and pay increases. Appraisals are an avenue by which an employee can be rewarded or recognized for a job well done. in which companies can clarify and shape responsibilities in accordance with business trends, clear clines of management and employee communication.

What is an annual performance review?

An annual performance review is an employee based performance assessment over a specific year (usually twelve months). Performance review can be prepared at any time throughout the year and should be conducted at least once per annum. An annual performance review is a review which is given by the manager to the employee, and covers a number of skills and competencies within the given role of the employee. Managers must make these performance reviews as beneficial and useful to the employee as possible. This means providing feedback that is both positive and constructive. A number of big organisations are moving away from this type of performance review as managers do not.