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Job Evaluation Examples

A job evaluation is a way of determining the value/worth of a role or job in relation other roles and departments in an organisation. The purpose of the job evaluation is for management to compare and determine the relative worth of each role. This assists management in determining the pay structure for each job title. The job evaluation takes into account personal factors of each employee, such as qualifications and skills required. There are various methods a company can use to assess various jobs, such as job ranking and job grading.

Employes will use job evaluations to determine the comparative worth of each job, which will then help determine the basis of the wages and salaries offered for each job. it helps ensure that everyone is paid fairly relative to one another based upon the value they bring to the organization.

Criteria used in job evaluations can include:

  • Education

  • Qualifications

  • skills needed

  • Working Conditions

  • Job responsibilities


There are a number of methods a manager can use to evaluate a role, title or position. Below are a some examples:

Job Ranking:

This is the process whereby the employer will put all the jobs in an organisation in a rank order based on contribution toward the achievement of an organization's goals. For example an associate directors role will receive a higher ranking then the cleaners.


This method involves a series of class and grades. Each class will group jobs and roles. each grade will represent different levels of difficulty and responsibility. Sort the jobs into each class by matching the job descriptions for each job with the class and grade classification. For example, there is a need to develop a class for a marketing assistant. Within this class there may have three different grades based upon the nature of the work and the level of responsibility.  categorize them as such:

A1: close supervision required, high school diploma and general knowledge required. no supervisory responsibilities needed.

A2: no supervision required. may be asked to perform simple projects. requires associate level or degree with knowledge of analytics and CRM software


A3: independent of any supervision. provide marketing strategies and oversight of marketing team. Requires bachelor's degree and some relative experience.

In order to get the most out of classification, it’s important managers discuss the position with their employees to understand what it is that fullfills the position. The procedure of rating jobs and role evaluation is logical and relatively easy to accomplish. managers can also assign a monetary value to jobs. By translating the value of a hon into money , managers can easily decide which job can be put under review.