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Manager Feedback Examples

Managers, like employees, need to benefit from feedback. It’s important to let your manager know how they are performing as team leaders, and which areas they can improve in. Employees may find giving their managers feedback difficult, as they feel that their job may be on the line. However, it's vital that managers understand their key strengths weaknesses, as much as possible so that they too can develop their skills and competencies as a manager.

Managerial feedback doesn't have to be negative and overly critical. Encouraging an open and honest work environment, makes working relationships better and, as a result, productivity will  increase. Giving managers feedback appropriately will strengthen your work relationship and make it better.  

Here is some advice about giving feedback to your manager:

Be as honest as possible:

Open and candid communication fosters a trusted relationship. If your manager is not performing in a collaborative and engaging way, don’t be afraid to tell him/her. By being upfront about your manager’s performance, it’s the perfect opportunity to speak your mind and say how you feel.

Managers then understand where they need to improve and how to make the workplace more productive. Its also the perfect opportunity to praise your manager for certain performances that you feel he/she has done well. It may be an intimidating experience in the beginning as you may feel that you are opening yourself up to a challenging relationship, however, over time this feedback will get easier.

Remember feedback is a two way street

Be open to your manager giving feedback on your feedback. Try and look at it as objectively as possible (i.e never see it as a personal attack). If your manager says “I didn't like what you had to say about performance”, give them a chance to explain their situation so that you both have a clear understanding of the performance in question. Say things like “I feel that..” and “I understand where you are coming from”. This affirms that you understand their perspective and then gives you the chance to explain it from your perspective.

Work on developing ongoing communication

Having an open dialogue with your boss is a good thing, communicating with them regularly about work projects, goal setting, how you fit in with the team, quality of work. etc. can help them understand your work goals and what you personally would like to achieve. Make it a point that you would like to receive feedback on a consistent basis. Once your manager has accepted this mindset, he/she will be more open to receiving feedback from you.