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Performance appraisals examples

Performance appraisals (performance reviews or performance evaluations) is a process a manager or consultant uses to understand an employee's work behaviour, skill set or core competencies. Managers and consultants use a preset standard to determine how the employee has performed over a specific measure of time. These preset standards are usually the skills and competencies needed to perform a specific role or task an employee is required to do. Performance appraisals give employees and managers important insights into key strengths and weak areas. Performance appraisals are used to determine who need what training, and will be promoted, demoted, retained or fired.

It’s important that performance appraisal are constructive and beneficial to employees and managers alike, as the these appraisals are likely to affect the outcome of business decisions in the future.

Performance appraisals should have the following items:

  • Employee name
  • Manager name
  • Date of review
  • Review Period
  • Job title, level, or position
  • Review instructions and evaluation criteria
  • overall rating (1=unmet; 5=superstar)
  • General feedback on performance to support the rating
  • examples to support the overall rating.

Performance review example:

  • Employee name: Bob Moses
  • Manager name: Yana De Villiers
  • Date of review: 6th of Sept 2015
  • Review period: Q3 performance (July - Sept 2015)
  • Review instructions:
    • Give constructive and relevant feedback to Bob moses, the account manager, the review should fully filled in with ratings and pertaining comments.
    • Evaluate only according the the stipulated period (July - Sept 2015)
    • Give concrete examples that supports your comments.