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Performance Assessment Examples

A performance assessment is a method which requires employees to demonstrate specific skills and competencies by performing or producing something. This allows managers to see whether or not the employee is competent to fulfill a role or job function. These assessments involve a process whereby managers test employees knowledge of skills and competencies through a series of tests and demonstrations.

These assessments are an important component of the manager-employee relationship.  They are part of an ongoing process of performance planning, reviewing and developing the workplace.  The process  involves both the manager and the employee, who together identify common goals that correlate to the higher goals of the company.  


Performance assessments serve as a purpose to:

  • Encourage employee engagement
  • Provides employees a way of understanding their performances and company expectations.
  • Allows managers and employees to work closely together to establish goals and priorities needed for the following year.
  • assists employees growth and development.
  • Gives the employee the opportunity to discuss work related problems and opportunities.
  • Can also serve as a way of determining annual salary increases.

When a performance assessment form is completed it should represent a collective overview of the biggest opportunities and challenges the employee encountered over the given period. The form should also include the goals and objectives the employee has agreed to meet and the scheduled date of the next review.

Performance assessments should provide positive reinforcements for a job well done. When the manager mentions positive attributes, such as optimistic customer reviews, team engagement, quantity of work completed, excellent planning ability, the employee is encouraged to continue this.

These assessments can also assist managers in determining which employees aren’t performing according to their objectives and goals set out for them. From this, a company can decide to try resolve these problems by implementing training programs or, in a worse case scenario, let the employee go.