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Performance Evaluation Comments

Evaluation comments are extremely beneficial for people who are responsible for the evaluation of employees working under them. For most people framing effective phrases for performance appraisals can be a bit difficult. This page provides some performance evaluation phrases that can be used the next time a performance review is conducted.  

Performance evaluations or appraisals and reviews are an important part of any professional setting. The human resource department of a company in consultation with the employee's boss or department head is generally responsible for the evaluation of an employee's performance over a year’s time.While performance review is an annual affair in most companies there are some companies that have reviews on a biannual or quarterly basis to let the employee know of his key strength areas and potential blind spots. some organisations require the employee to complete a self evaluation as part of the performance review cycle. Thi enable the employer to know what he or she thinks about himself or herself. Performance evaluations are a good way of improving the moral of an employee by informing img or her about his or her strengths and also letting him or her know that their skills are vital to the company

As a human resource professional. on several occasions it becomes difficult to it becomes difficult to frame these performance evaluations correctly without sounding negative or overly casual. Here are some phrases:

Execution skills:

  • Even when deadlines are tight and budgets constraints taint projects, you still remain decisive.
  • You’re excellent at identifying key issues during projects.
  • You have a great ability to outline the pros and the cons of each course of action.
  • You gathered all the facts and got input from others effectively before making decisions.
  • You display sound judgement when deciding on alternatives.
  • You effectively stop emotions from clouding your business judgement.


Communication Skills:


  • You’re great at understanding others point of view. Well done!
  • In the face of anger and resentment, you really good at remaining calm and collected. Well done!
  • You have no problem in accepting everyone with open arms.
  • You allow others to clearly articulate themselves before you answer. this is a great trait to have!
  • You nurture an environment where others feel comfortable about participating and sharing their opinions.
  • You’re friendly and easy going, and people love the fact that you take the time to drop by and have open conversations


Teamwork Skills:

  • You are always willing to coach others and you often make yourself available to demonstrate your learning to the team around you. Well done.
  • You are extremely well mannered, often treating people with dignity and respect they deserve. As a result, people feel they can approach you about any problems they may have
  • You treat every suggestion or request equally. Great! Keep it up!
  • Trustworthiness is one of your key traits and you create an environment of open communication between your colleagues. Well done!
  • You often share the achievements of projects with the team. You are very humble and down to earth person. Great work!
  • You approach conflict logically and rationally, often not letting emotions of others to cloud your judgement. Keep it up!

For more tips, techniques, and example phrases click here. It’s important that both managers and employees get into the right mindset when giving and receiving feedback.