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Performance evaluation examples

Performance evaluation is a multi purpose tool used to measure how the employee performed over a specific period of time versus the expected performance. This gives managers great insight into how the employee is coping with the workload, where the employee could improve and which areas the employee excels at. Performance evaluations are a good way to determine remuneration, encourage the right competencies and skills, and understand how the team is performing as a whole.

A rating scale usually accompanies a performance evaluation, namely:

1 = not met to 5 = superstar

Below are examples of comments that would support the ratings. it's important to remember that concretes examples should accompany the employee's performance.

Overall quality and quantity of the work produced

1= Not met

  • You frequently make errors that harm the overall outcome of the business operation. For example the report you sent to our client was riddled with grammatical and numerical errors.
  • You often miss deadlines, or are late to present the latest results. for example the presentation you had to give about retaining customers was delayed by a week. Having this delays has further implications on the objectives of the business

2= To be improved

  • You tend to miss the minor errors in your work. Spelling mistakes and minor sum errors. it's ok to make a few, but remember to proofread your work before submitting.

3 = About average

  • Your work is often completed on time.
  • Your error rate is acceptable.

4 = Great

Coworkers often comment on your high level of accuracy and work productivity well done!

5 = Superstar

  • Your accuracy is excellent! Well done!
  • The quantity of work you are able to produce with minimal errors is outstanding! keep it up!

Here are more examples of giving constructive and positive feedback, If you want to get into the right mindset click here (Managers) and here (employees).