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Performance review phrases examples

Throughout the year, it is important to give and receive feedback that is useful and beneficial to both employees and managers. Performance reviews serve as a way of driving individual and organisational change. The purpose of performance reviews is to nurture professional growth and encourage employees to build skills and competencies needed to fulfil certain job role and criteria. When undertaking a performance review, try be as constructive as possible.

Here are some example phrases for various competencies and skills.


Execution skills:

  • You’re excellent at identifying key issues during projects.
  • You have a great ability to outline the pros and the cons of each course of action.
  • You gathered all the facts and got input from others effectively before making decisions.


Communication skills:

  • You allow others to clearly articulate themselves before you answer. this is a great trait to have!
  • You nurture an environment where others feel comfortable about participating and sharing their opinions.
  • You’re friendly and easy going, and people love the fact that you take the time to drop by and have open conversations.

Teamwork Skills:

  • When the team have an issue, you identify and resolve the problem quickly and easily.
  • You have no problem getting along with everyone in the organisation, no matter what their position is.
  • You often put the team first! You are he go to person when problems need solving and you always put your personal problems aside. The team could really take a leaf out of your book.

Leadership Skills:

  • You create a culture of mutual trust and caring by always acting with integrity, accountability and transparency. Well done.
  • You’re really good at being able to transform our strategic vision into attainable action plans.
  • You respect others and others in the highest regard. This makes it really for you to earn the respect of others. Well done!


People management Skills:

  • You do an outstanding job at effectively managing our resources and making sure nothing is wasted. Great planner!
  • You’re really good at communicating what it is that you expect your team members to do. You demonstrate that if someone is doing their work really well, you’ll motivate for their promotions. You’re a excellent enabler!
  • You constantly encourage your employees to develop and grow, even though you know you may lose them to another department. Great leader!

Project management Skills:

  • You’re really good keeping key information readily available on your phone or PC. When managers ask for this information, you can easily recall it in a matter of minutes. Well done!
  • You regularly develop and foster business partnerships with internal partners. Well done!
  • When it comes to creating timetables you have the natural ability to organise your time and the time of others so that each deadline is met and everyone knows exactly what is required for the next steps of the project. Well done!

Customer Service Skills:

  • You’re really good at following up with the client so as to ensure that they are never left in the dark. Keep it up!
  • Your really good at focusing on what customers need and require. You have a real instinct to understand our customers. Good work!
  • You have the natural ability to understand and feel what your customers are experiencing, and you are able to meet their needs effectively. Well Done!

Meeting Skills:

  • You’re really good at scheduling and coordinating many meetings at once and you always ensure that you are well prepared for each meeting. Well done!
  • You exercise sound judgement when preparing agendas for weekly meetings. Great job!
  • You always find appropriate places for meetings. You know that it is important to have privacy and the meeting must be in a quiet area.

Problem Solving Skills:

  • You always listen actively and attentively to make sure you understand what the exact problem is and you come up with solutions in an effective manner.
  • You have an amazing ability to clearly explain options and solutions in an effective and efficient manner. Well done!
  • When driving projects, you can shift to other areas comfortably and easily. making sure the project runs smoothly. Great job!

Innovation Skills:

  • You have a great sense about managing the creative process of others. Well done!
  • You always facilitate effective brainstorming so that it is beneficial to both the company and to the individuals involved. Well done!
  • You can easily see how potential ideas may play out in the marketplace and you effectively know which will work and which won’t.

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