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Positive Performance Review Examples

positive performance review comments examples


Providing positive performance review comments during an employee review is important, as it encourages development and growth. If handled in an effective manner, a positive performance review can lead to high performance, and increase productivity. When conducting a performance review, it's important to find a balance between positive feedback and constructive feedback.  

As managers, it's important to make performance reviews inspiring, meaningful, thought provoking, positive and rewarding. Here are some tips and techniques of making performance reviews as positive and as engaging as possible:

Have employees write about their own strengths and weaknesses in the workplace

First, get employees to write about their own skills, traits and behaviors that are a necessary part of the job they are doing. Ideally, these would match an existing job description, but employees should also add skills they feel are important as well. Once this has been completed, get employees to give themselves a score on a scale of 0 (not met) to 5 (out performed) in each area. Employees then should go over the list with their managers and compare observations. the two may or may not agree, but at least they’re having a conversation about the future of the employee's position.

Create a positive image

The more employees focus on the positive things about their jobs and themselves, the more likely they will be productive and engaged. Focus on what the employee is currently doing well and offer constructive feedback when they need to improve. By creating an environment in which the employee feels appreciated and trusted, will lead to a workplace that focuses on what the employee does well.  Write up a draft of the vision or image of the success based around the employees role at the company, and date it so that it can be tangibly mapped out.

Have follow up meetings

For the vision to be complete, there must be consensus between the managers and the staff member. not only must they agree on what the employee's vision is going to be, it must also include ways that the manager will help the employee achieve that vision through training, coaching and other support. have regular check ins to monitor the progress of the employee.

implement an action plan

One there is agreement on what the employee needs to achieve, create a map of how they are going to go about achieving these goals. the critical point is that the manager and the employee must be sure to set measurable targets and create a list of key actions steps with a time line. Typically these would include: What is expected and when, what resources are available to help achieve action steps; measurement tools to know what expectations are being met.