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Self Assessment Examples

A self assessment, also known as self-appraisals or self-evaluations, is a great way for employees to give their own opinion of their strengths and weaknesses over a specific time period (usually annually or bi-annually).

Self assessments usually go hand in hand with the performance review process (performance review examples), and allow employees to discuss important aspects of a project, share new skills & techniques, and reflect on their key learnings. Self assessments also give employees the opportunity to fully understand (right feedback mindset) where they can improve and how they can go about achieving this. Self assessments, as with other reviews, should be as constructive as possible and employees should aim to accurately understand their overall job performance. 

Self assessment question examples:

Which areas did you enjoy the most in the last project?

Which areas did you enjoy the least in the last project?

Where do you think your strengths are?

Where do you think you could improve?

What could we improve?

Why do you think deadlines were achieved/missed?

Who did you feel was the most effective team leader?

Where Where do you feel you can take a personal initiative to become a stronger employee who contributes more to the next project?

How do you feel tram performance could improve?