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Self Evaluation Examples

A Self evaluation is a process whereby employees learn about their progress in the workplace by comparing a before situation to a current situation. Employees use this process to progress, develop and learn in their career. Employees and managers compare notes about the employees strength areas, achieved goals and areas of improvement. Self evaluation forms are important as they give extremely insightful views of how an employee sees him or herself in the work environment. Managers can use this information to determine how the employee is doing compared to the rest of the team.

Self evaluations are a crucial component to providing a complete picture of an employee's performance. There are certain steps to follow in order to make the self assessment as beneficial to yourself and to your manager as possible:

1.Keep a personal "performance" journal

Jot down all the feedback you have received, projects you have completed and initiatives you have launched. By using this information, it'll be easier to complete the self assessment as you will have concrete examples of the skills and competencies you have learnt over the review period. 

2. Articulate what you have learnt

Give your manager ways in which you have enhanced your skills and competencies required for your career development. Portray how you have practically applied your learnings to your hob and how they support the goals of your department and organization. 

3. Be open and honest about your challenges

It's only human to make mistakes and face difficulties, and the self assessment is the perfect opportunity to reflect these challenges to your manager. Don't be afraid to share your shortcomings, as your manager will sit with you to find ways in which you could improve. 

4. schedule enough time to actually assess yourself properly

It's important that you schedule enough time for your appraisal. There is no point in rushing it as you will miss important details you can share with your manager. Use the time provided effectively so you can tell your story in a meaningful and beneficial way.