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Self performance review examples

The self-review is a tool companies use to gain valuable information from an employee's point of view. This helps managers and supervisors to create a well-rounded, complete and objective performance review. A self performance review assists employees by preparing for the next performance discussion with his/her manager. Writing a performance review can be a difficult task, however it can help employees have a personal influence over the performance review process itself.

Below are some suggestions of how to write a performance review or self assessment:

What makes you proud?

If you struggle with identifying achievements or key strength areas, think about what makes you proud of your work. What elements in your everyday activities help you achieve the overall goals of the business. These accomplishments could be anything to do with your workflow, your daily tasks, the way you interact with colleagues and the competencies you feel you have mastered.

Make use of the star method.

When you write a self assessment, it's imperative that you write convincingly about your accomplishments. To do it successfully, use the star method. This method involves briefly describing a situation, the task, the action you took and the result you achieved. Also include, the degree of difficulty, the innovation required, the scope of the work and the impact your work had on the company as a whole.

Try use numbers and metrics if possible.

While it's excellent to use examples (as they add credibility), using numbers and metrics gives a good visual indication of your accomplishments. They communicate a clear picture and speak to the logical side of the brain. If you say, for example, I handled a large team it can mean anything from 10 to 1000. Use numbers wherever possible, especially if you’re in a position that requires measurement. (e.g. accounting, analytics, etc)

Give relevant information

Most self-assessments include specific categories. communication, leadership, management teamwork, communication, customer service, problem solving, etc. Be sure that the examples you give match the category, otherwise they lose power. be factual and specific. The self assessment does not need to be very long. summarise and highlight your important contributions.

Remember that these are only guidelines, and should be adapted to the work/company culture. To get into the right mindset, there are certain techniques you can use. Here are some examples of giving comments that are constructive and actionable. Self performance reviews are an important aspect to the entire performance review process, and employees need to be as specific and clear as possible, in order to assist managers in giving holistic feedback that is beneficial to the employee and the company as a whole.