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Writing a Self Performance Review Example

Self assessments have become a popular way for employees to access their own performances over a given period in time. A self assessment reminds the manager of the employee's achievement throughout the year, as well as the opportunity for improvements. In the past, performance reviews were a one-way dialogue, where the manager would give their employees feedback about their performances over a given period.

These reviews are not conducted in order to ensure a raise, promotion or bonus. Rather, these are used to help initiate a dialogue, encourage personal growth, and facilitate employee development. Self reviews give employees the opportunity to correct problems in a nonjudgmental manner. it also offers an introspective point of view. A common problem that arises during reviews is the inability for managers and their employees to reach a consensus with regards to the meaning of a “good Performance”. Self evaluations  give people an opportunity to expand and redefine what a ‘good performance” is. They allow employees to focus on elements of a performance that are important to them. As a result, fewer disputes may arise and differences of opinion can be easily discussed.

Self assessments also take advantage of the employees familiarity with his or her work. They also allow the person to participate in the process resulting in more employee accountability. self reviews give employees a chance to examine and clarify their goals. Employees can also easily pinpoint their areas of weakness, which can be later addressed in a conversation between an employee and the manager.

This type of review can be advantageous to managers because reveal how an employee feels about the work they have accomplished. they compel employees to look back on an entire work process and gives the employee the feeling that their opinions count. This goes a long way in building a work relationship that is trusted and engaging.

Self performance reviews are beneficial to the organisation as a whole as it gives insights into how employees are performing their roles and how they are contributing to the overall strategic goal of the company. Self assessments can be documented and used as a benchmark for making workplace improvements and setting goals, and can provide a chronology of a particular project.  

A self assessment is meant to give employees the opportunity to show their employers that they take their roles and careers seriously. They are also conducive to minimising the stress employees go through during the evaluation process.