Use these practical examples of phrases, sample comments and templates for your performance review, 360 feedback survey or manager appraisal. 

The following examples not only relate to communication but also written communication, verbal communication, humor, negotiation skills, informing, and general articulation.

Example Phrases to say:

You’re doing great”:

  • You’re great at understanding others point of view. Well done!
  • In the face of anger and resentment, you really good at remaining calm and collected. Well done!
  • You have no problem in accepting everyone with open arms.
  • You allow others to clearly articulate themselves before you answer. this is a great trait to have!
  • You nurture an environment where others feel comfortable about participating and sharing their opinions.
  • You’re friendly and easy going, and people love the fact that you take the time to drop by and have open conversations
  • You are effective at articulating yourself clearly and logically.
  • You ask questions that are well prepared and thought out. digging deeper so that everyone in the room understands the proposed answer clearly. Well done!
  • You’re really good at reaching agreements and making sure everyone is onboard.
  • You strengthen other internal departments by building trusted working relationships.

You should think of improvement”:

  • You seem to struggle articulating your thoughts clearly and concisely when you write things down. Try to read more or ask others for help.
  • When you present an argument, you seem to struggle with communicating the point of the argument. Try and fully understand the argument to make it easier to understand the objective.
  • Try work on your grammar. you tend to lengthen your sentences by repeating the same thought. Remember to proofread before submitting. Sometimes it appears that you could have presented an idea or task in.
  • You seem to struggle to put logical arguments forward. Try research an fully understand the argument before jumping to conclusions
  • You’re great at writing with a single voice in mind. and this is generally good for external communication. However, try to adjust your tone and style a bit more for international communication. Remember not everyone has the same skill set as you.
  • When others talk, try to actively listen and engage with them. This makes it easier for you to remember and complete their tasks.
  • You tend to cut people off before allowing them to fully speak their mind. its ok to be silent and let others talk from time to time.
  • Its ok to not fully understand everything. Try to let go and learn from others interactions.
  • When others are trying to get their point of view across, you tend to misunderstand what point they are trying to make. Try listen more attentively before coming to a conclusion.
  • You tend to have an arrogance about you. Your colleagues are afraid of approaching you as you seem to be impatient and uninterested in their questions and interactions. try to be more open and humble.

"Tips to Improve":

  • Try cultivate a culture that is open to sharing information.
  • You tend to write in a way that “impresses”. using overly complex words and sentences to portray your idea, rather than expressing yourself clearly and coherently.
  • When reaching an agreement, try reach an agreement collectively instead of individually.
  • Try communicate in a way that all your direct reports are informed of what is going on in the group. Maybe set up a communications platform?
  • Its ok to admit when you don't know something. try be more open to saying ‘I don’t know, Ill find out and get back to you’
  • you tend to struggle expressing yourself through your body language, try open up and feel a bit more comfortable.
  • If you cannot reach a deadline, dont be afraid to say you can’t.
  • you’re really good at finding interesting articles and information regarding our industry and our competitors. Remember to share this with the rest of the team and managers.
  • Remember that it takes time to build trust. Regular, open, and honest communication is key to building trust over time.
  • Try to listen and respond to others in a respectful and appropriate tone.

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