Execution Skills

  • Making timely decisions
  • Gathering relevant information if necessary
  • Prioritizing well to meet objectives
  • Keeping things simple
  • Learning from past experiences
  • Getting things done
  • Delivering high quality output
  • Communicating clearly

Communication Skills

  • Writing clearly and concisely
  • Speaking fluently and effectively
  • Using the right channels and form of communication for each situation
  • Adjusting message to audience
  • Listening carefully
  • Presenting ideas and opinions clearly

Teamwork Skills

  • Supporting peers when needed
  • Sharing success
  • Acknowledging the contribution of others
  • Providing useful feedback
  • Taking ownership
  • Building team spirit
  • Being easy to get along with

Leadership Skills

  • Inspiring others
  • Listening actively
  • Empowering others
  • Communicating vision clearly
  • Working with integrity
  • Involving right people in decision making process

People Management Skills

  • Providing actionable feedback
  • Taking care of the team's well-being
  • Communicating expectations clearly
  • Demonstrating expertise
  • Keeping team focused on priorities
  • Sharing relevant information
  • Helping me understand how I am performing

Project Management Skills

  • Setting clear project milestones
  • Defining and measuring project success
  • Continuously clarifying progress and next steps
  • Setting realistic deadlines and goals
  • Keeping everyone accountable
  • Providing assistance when needed

Customer Service Skills

  • Delivering excellent customer service
  • Finding the right balance between customer needs and own goals
  • Earning customers' trust
  • Keeping things simple for customer
  • Identifying well how to influence decisions within the customer's organization
  • Pitching solutions effectively
  • Keeping up with trends to foster domain expertise

Meeting Skills

  • Effectively informing colleagues
  • Involving relevant people
  • Clarifying desired outcome of meeting
  • Keeping discussion relevant
  • Communicating decisions and actions after meeting
  • Contributing with valuable input

Presentation Skills

  • Presenting relevant content
  • Structuring presentation well
  • Catching great attention
  • Visualizing content well
  • Communicating clearly during presentation
  • Preparing presentation well

Problem Solving Skills

  • Knowing how to find the root cause of problems
  • Consulting the right amount of resources to solve problems
  • Coming with creative solutions to complex problems
  • Daring to make decisions
  • Sharing the rationale when making decisions

Innovation Skills

  • Thinking big
  • Being willing to challenge the status quo
  • Providing creative new ideas
  • Experimenting with new solutions
  • Embracing change