What are the most important leadership skills in today' work environment

Why should all managers know the most important leadership skills?

All successful businesses need effective leaders in order to succeed long-term.  As the CEO of Rosland Capital, a leading precious metals company based in Los Angeles, I’ve found that it’s vital to look at daily work goals within the context of the bigger picture. Strategic thinking geared toward long-term results is one of the most important leadership skills management can learn.  The company and most importantly, its people, will benefit from a leader that understands this.

What leadership skills are most relevant in today's work environment?

A great leader never stops increasing, refreshing, or honing their knowledge.  In today’s work environment, this is more relevant than ever because of the fast-paced, ever-changing space we operate in.  The best leaders learn every day – from everyone – and they encourage innovation and collaboration. This requires being an effective listener and soliciting feedback from employees and customers. Leaders that ask for ideas, encourage creativity and reward successes, build strong teams.  I’ve seen that a workplace where team members are listened to and feel valued is a workplace with high employee morale and performance.

Community building is also a hugely relevant leadership skill in building company culture in the workplace and in the community. Consider what your company stands for and make conversations about corporate values part of daily work.  Tapping into the great reservoir of commitment and care that people bring to their work lives can help co-workers inspire each other and their customers. Talking about values, like integrity, diversity, community, and service, and then taking action to show those values will unite a workforce.

Over the past couple of years, Rosland Capital has focused its community efforts on supporting veterans through a variety of activities, joining a community of employees to support a single cause. Through a partnership with the American Red Cross, we continue to aid and amplify the services they offer. This partnership has included donations and employees signing holiday cards for active military members. Additionally, we donate $10 from each sale of our Rosland Capital Guide to Gold to the American Red Cross with proceeds supporting veterans programs.

We also looked to see what opportunities were available for veterans seeking an education. While many colleges and universities have scholarships and special programs for returning military members, a veteran may experience other setbacks and challenges that require financial assistance. This is what led us to establish the Rosland Capital Emergency Fund through the UCLA Veteran’s Resource Office (VRO) so we could assist in any way possible. Funds like this help the VRO to address issues of readjustment to civilian and campus lifestyle, support mental and physical health, offer specialized orientation programs and support groups and provide financial and emergency aid that address veterans’ individual needs. While our company continues to look for other opportunities to support our heroes in the future, we wanted to do our part in raising awareness for these types of programs that exist for veterans and their families, while bringing together our employees in service.

How can managers encourage direct reports to provide upward feedback on those leadership skills?

Building a strong sense of community in the workplace has always been important to me.  In doing so, I’ve worked to empower my team to exercise honesty and transparency with the management team at Rosland Capital. I believe an open-door policy encourages mutual respect and helps everyone do their best work.  In turn, it helps leaders do a better job by building trust and encouraging candid and effective feedback.  This feedback can often provide an opportunity for growth for leaders and for the company as a whole.

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As someone who was not born in the United States, I saw the opportunity to become an entrepreneur as the embodiment of the American dream. After moving to this country as part of a study abroad program, I worked through the ranks, learning the traits and qualities that make a top-notch business leader. I realized that a great entrepreneur never stops increasing, refreshing, or honing his or her knowledge. As a result, I'm dedicated to continuous learning, for myself, and for the people who look after our customers every day - all of whom make up the Rosland family. In the United States, this dedication is encouraged and rewarded, and as an entrepreneur, I appreciate the endless opportunity for all. - Marin Aleksov