Use these practical examples of phrases, sample comments and templates for your performance review, 360 feedback survey or manager appraisal. 

The following examples not only relate to presentations but also effective speaking, captivating your audience, creating visually appealing presentations content driven, voice techniques, and general public speaking skills.

Example Phrases to say

You’re doing great”:

  • You’re really have the natural ability to hand out presentation material in a very organised way! Good job!
  • Your presentations are often compelling and visually stunning. You really know how to effectively captivate the audience. Well done!
  • You often allow your colleagues to make presentations on your behalf. This is a great learning opportunity for them and they often thrive at the challenge.
  • Keeping presentations focused on key agenda items can be tough, but your really good at it. You effectively outline exactly what it is that you will be discussing and you make sure you keep to it. Well done!!
  • You created downloadable visual presentations and bound them for the client. Excellent way to portray the company! well done!
  • Your content was relevant and your format was visually appealing and easy to follow and understand. Great job! You’re a real designer at heart!
  • You always remain consistent with the way you present and often your presentations have the same style and layout. this is great for continuity. Well done!
  • You always remain consistent with every presentation, whether it be one on ones, small group chats, with peers, direct reports and the company bosses. you have no problem presenting in any one of these situations. Well done!
  • You are an effective presenter both to employees and to potential clients. When controversial topics come up, you deal with them in an timely manner and you make sure these topics are fully dealt with before moving on. Well done!
  • You effectively command attention and you have no problem managing groups during the presentation.


  • You’re a great presenter in certain situations, but you struggle to present in others. Try be more consistent when presenting so that you get one single minded message across. This will also help you broaden your presentation skills by being able to portray one single idea or message.
  • You tend to be a little shy when making presentations. You have the self confidence in one on one conversations, so you definitely have the ability to make compelling presentations. Come on! You can do it!
  • During presentations, there seems to be quite a lack of focus. I know it can be difficult to stick to the subject matter, however you need to in order for people to understand what the presentation is about and what is trying to be achieved.
  • To engage with your audience and make them attentively listen to what you have to say, you need to be able to use your voice in an effective manner to achieve this. Try focus on certain words that require extra attention and emphasis these words during your presentation.
  • Knowing your audience is critical to the success of any presentation. Learn to pick up on their body language and social cues to gauge your style and tone. Listen to what your audience has to say and adjust your presentation accordly.
  • During presentations, it’s expected that there will be tough questions. Try prepare at least a couple days before the time so that you can handle these questions in an effective manner.
  • To be an effective presenter you need to be able to adjust to varying audiences and circumstances. Try learning about who will be in the room at the time of the presentation and adjust accordingly.
  • Remember not to take debate as personal attacks. You tend to loose your cool a little to often, which hinders the discussion and people feel alienated.
  • The only way you are going to get better at public speaking is by practicing, practicing, practicing. Learn your speech by heart, practice in the mirror, practice in front of the mirror. Eventually you’ll become a natural and you won't be afraid at public speaking any longer.
  • You’re presentations are beautiful and I have no doubt at your presentation software ability, however your content tends to be a bit weak and often you lack the substance. Without important content, the presentation is empty.


  • Remember it’s always good to present about the things you are passionate about. When you speak to people about your passions they can sense it. Same goes with presentations. Identify what it is that excites you and somehow bring it into every presentation. it’ll make it easier to present and your audience will feel the energy you portray.
  • Sometimes it can be easier to plan with the end result in mind. Try visualise what it is you are exactly expecting your audience to come away with and develop your presentation around that.
  • Simplicity is a beautiful thing. Try keep your presentations as simple as possible. make it visually appealing with the least amount of words as possible. Try interactive pictures and videos to fully immerse your audience in the presentation.
  • It’s a fine balance betweening winging the presentation and memorizing the presentation. if you wing it too much it may come across as if you didn't prepare. If you memorize it, the presentation may come off a bit robotic. Try find the sweet spot, if you can.
  • When presenting, try present in a way that is cause for curiosity. make people interested in what you have to say to really captivate them. have a look at some TED talks to get some tips on how you can go about doing this.
  • Remember presentations should be about the quality and not the quantity. Presentations that are text heavy and go on for longer than they should will bore your audience and people are less likely to remember them.
  • Try arrive at every staff meeting on time and always well prepared. This will ensure that meetings will go smoothly in the future.
  • Remember to respect other people's time by always arriving on time or five minutes before the presentation.
  • Remember to ask the others in the meeting for their point of view if there are individuals during presentations.
  • If you notice presentations are deviating off topic, try steer it back to the important topic being discussed.